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Soul food – chicken soup

Baby, it’s cold outside.

I had some chicken leftover from yesterday’s Sunday lunch and fancied turning it in to something warming and healthy.

BBC Food save the day again with this recipe for chicken soup. I tweaked it a bit to make it healthier (swapping the butter for low-fat spray) and blended the veg before adding the chicken, but otherwise left the recipe untouched. Very nice it was too.

Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops

My girlfriend’s grandparents run a farm near Preston, in the north of England.

On a recent visit they kindly gave us lots of cuts of meat from a lamb for our freezer, and I’m keen to do it justice when it comes to cooking it.

Wondering what to do with lamb chops, a quick internet search brought me to a nice-looking recipe for marinated lamb chops form Nigella Lawson.

I’m starting the marinade in the next few minutes, ready to cook tomorrow – I’ll let you know how it tastes.

*Update: I tried this recipe out and it was very nice – I’ll be trying again soon.

Lunch from South East London

Burrata is essentially mozzarella filled with cream. It tastes good.

I had a hankering for some and Natoora kindly held some for me at their Saturday morning stall in Spa Terminus, London (they deliver too).

I grabbed a stick of white bread from the St John Bakery whilst I was in the area, along with some tomatoes from Tayshaw Greengrocer.

When I got home I drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the tomatoes and sprinkled with ground pepper and sea salt, then roasted in the oven at 140 degrees celcius for about 45 minutes. Then I left them to cool for a few minutes before serving with the burrata and a hunk of bread.

It were reet good.

How to lose weight

Or how I lost 2 stones in 4 months.

There’s a culture of silence about weight loss if you’re a guy.

Diets aren’t manly, and it is NOT cool to do Weight Watchers. I’ve decided to break this vow of silence because, frankly, it’s stupid and shouldn’t be a big deal. I went on a diet, I lost weight, and will hopefully now live a little longer – bring on the chat.

I hit my third decade in January this year and decided I was carrying more padding then I liked. I’ve often heard that it’s increasingly difficult to get in shape after you’re 30 and that it’s increasingly so decided that it was time to grow-up and sort myself out.

Up until University I was skinny and healthy, eating well, swimming competitively, and training by jogging, cycling and going to the gym. University annihilated that in under a year: I quit a healthy diet and exercise regime and replaced it with getting up at noon, drinking lots of alcohol and eating takeaways (which was a blast, incidentally).

Obligatory before and after picture

Obligatory before and after picture

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