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Wine I like: Conceito Bastardo 2012


Very interesting blog about the way this wine is made, as well as it’s look, smell, and taste, is here.

Wine I like: Bellotti Bianco 2010

A white, Italian wine that tastes of pear.

This ‘Bellotti Bianco’ has a distinctive taste of melon and pear.

I drank it with fish and salad on the recommendation of Noble Fine Liquor (cost £13) and am planning to get some more to drink in the sun over the Summer. It’s made by  a chap called Stefano Bellotti on a farm called ‘Cascina deglie Ulivi‘ in Northern Italy.

This is what someone who knows what they’re talking about has to say: Dedalus Wine review.

Here’s a nice blog post about a visit to the ‘Olive Farm’ where the wine comes from (it was intended to be an olive farm but ended up as a vineyard, apparently): Not Drinking Poison in Paris.

I’ve found an online retailer here that sell it for £11.75 before postage is added.