How to make vegetarian bolognese

Bolognese is one of my favourite meals.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to film John from The People’s Supermarket making his version of bolognese as part of a project I was running at the time.

John’s recipe produces great results (I tried some at the end of filming) but I wanted a version with less meat in it that I can cook after work during the week . . . so here’s my vegetarian version of John’s recipe  which is just as tasty but relatively low-fat (and adjusted to serve two people). Continue reading

Lunch from South East London

Burrata is essentially mozzarella filled with cream. It tastes good.

I had a hankering for some and Natoora kindly held some for me at their Saturday morning stall in Spa Terminus, London (they deliver too).

I grabbed a stick of white bread from the St John Bakery whilst I was in the area, along with some tomatoes from Tayshaw Greengrocer.

When I got home I drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the tomatoes and sprinkled with ground pepper and sea salt, then roasted in the oven at 140 degrees celcius for about 45 minutes. Then I left them to cool for a few minutes before serving with the burrata and a hunk of bread.

It were reet good.

How to make cauliflower frittata

cauliflower frittataLow-fat, vegetarian frittata.

One of the most popular recipes on this website is chorizo frittata.

Looking back on the recipe three years later it struck me as being quite fatty and I remembered that one of the comments suggested cauliflower and low-fat mozzarella as a good alternative to the chorizo and soured cream. So, three years on, here’s how to make cauliflower frittata. Continue reading

Boy eats world: a scrapbook of food and drink

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