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How to make tasty chicken stir fry

chicken stir fryStir fry. Quick to make. Tasty. Healthy.

Chicken stir fry is really nice but requires minimum cooking skills, & lets you indulge afterwards without feeling guilty.

Stir fry’s easy to change according to your ingredients too: the marinade, meat, and veg can all be shifted around according to what’s available and your personal tastes, but the basic process remains the same. Continue reading

How to make banana loaf

banana loafBreakfast: cereal and milk. Repeat until fade.

 Bored with the same old breakfast? Try banana loaf instead.

You can cut it into slices and freeze them – take them out in the morning and defrost in the toaster, you’re walking out the door eating a slice of hot banana loaf with spread on it a couple of minutes later.

It works equally well as a snack or dessert too. Continue reading

Fish Burgers

How to make healthy fish burgers

Fish cooked at home doesn’t have to be dried out and tasteless.

Equally, burgers don’t need to be full of red meat and smeared with cheese.

Fish burgers are just as filling and delicious but can be a hell of a lot healthier (and with the high price of beef they can be cheaper too). Most importantly, they can be light, juicy and zesty and leave you with room to enjoy a guilt-free drink or cake at the end of the day.

Here’s an original The Boy Can Cook recipe: FISH BURGERS. Continue reading