Thanks for visiting! So here at theboycancook, I hope to share my love of cooking and experimenting with making homemade food.

I’m an East Coaster who transplanted to the Midwest in 2012. As an adult living in Boston, I realized there were many options for fresh local food, and there were many things that I could make at home instead of buying at the store. Living in Tulsa, there’s an abundance of fresh local foods that constantly amazes me.

A bunch of years ago I got really interested in how food is made and the stuff that goes into it. I started reading up on how to make things from scratch and slowly started trying different things I had always bought packaged at the store. I discovered that it’s both really fun to make things from scratch, and that most things taste so much better fresh and homemade.

What started as a bit of an experiment has really transformed the way I eat and shop. These days, it’s rare for me to buy lots of packaged food products, and I almost never buy processed or frozen meals.

For a long time, I’d go through phases of cooking more and sometimes less, but always giving new things a try. After moving to Miami, I got back into cooking more things from scratch.

I met my wonderful girlfriend Kelly about a year after moving to Tulsa in 2013. One of the cornerstones of our relationship is our mutual love of food and cooking. We cook 3-4 meals a week together, using as many local and fresh ingredients as we can. The other days I’m either eating leftovers or experimenting with something new on my own.

I spent 27 years working in professional theatre as a production technician and manager, mostly working in opera and theatre.

I’m a big supporter of buy local fresh foods.

Thanks for stopping by!